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UF PRO | CSS GROUP (Canadian Distributor)

UF PRO Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt

UF PRO Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt

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Upgrade your tactical gear with the UF PRO Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt, the ultimate solution for demanding missions. Designed with next-generation comfort and performance in mind, this combat shirt features a hybrid material design that offers extreme breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and exceptional durability. Its lightweight torso knit feels like a second skin while drying insanely fast, ensuring all-day comfort even in the toughest conditions.

Beat the heat with the Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt's strategically positioned 3D mesh, allowing fresh air to flow in and hot air to escape. Stay cool and dry during intense activities and in the hottest environments. The combat shirt's distinctive features enhance your skills and performance as an operator. The detachable air/pac® inserts distribute the weight of a heavily loaded plate carrier, increasing your mobility. The UF PRO Flex Elbow Pads provide cushioning and protection during movement, and the ergonomic elbow pockets allow for customization based on your preferred level of impact protection.

The Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt doesn't compromise agility for protection. Its breathable and air-permeable padding prevents discomfort around the pelvic bone area, allowing you to carry additional gear on your waist with confidence. The shirt also offers convenient features such as two large upper-arm pockets, a long front zipper with merino neck padding, and a Velcro cover with a pen pocket.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid material design for extreme breathability, moisture-wicking, and durability
  • Strategically positioned 3D mesh for superior airflow and ventilation
  • Detachable air/pac® inserts for even weight distribution
  • UF PRO Flex Elbow Pads for cushioning and impact protection
  • Breathable and air-permeable padding around the pelvic bone area
  • Two large upper-arm pockets for storage
  • Long front zipper with merino neck padding for added comfort
  • Velcro cover and pen pocket for convenience
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